Raleigh Photographers Magazine September issue  feature
256photo Magazine October issue photographer feature
Giraffe portrait
Peacock close-up headshot
Dragon headshot close-up portrait
Spider monkey close-up headshot
Noodle-head foodography
Miniature life series: Apricot man
Miniature life series: Tomato digger
Wedding: Bridesmaid color accent
Wedding: Bride + Groom + corps
Wedding: Bride + Groom closeup
Wedding: Couple portrait-3
Wedding: Bride's prepare time
Newborn artistic BW
Newborn family portrait
Newborn baby portrait
Miniature series: Amber sugar "coal" picker
Asparagus chopper
Broccoli chopper
Miniature series: Gold digger
Pinecone angel
Miniature series: Crackers-spread lady
Photography journey
Foodography: Red beetle tomato, mozzarela and basil on cracker.
Miniature series: Lobster battle
Miniature series: Cracker-spread lady
Foodography: Spices
Foodography: Spices on pot. Staffs internal cookbook.
Foodography: Spices on pot. Staffs internal cookbook.
Foodography: Bacons
Foodography: Halloween broomstick
Creative photography: plane on cotton ball clouds
Newborn: Baby first pic
Dance: Ballet
Newborn: Baby first pic 1
Pets: English retriever
Pets: Leia
Pets: Chewy
Newborn: Dad
Newborn: Mom
Newborn: Family Christmas
Family: Mistletoe
Dancer's foot contrast
Maternity: Pop!
Michaelangelo Angel. Rome, Italy
Family: Mom + son
Wedding: Ceremony
Floral: Iris
Travel: Colosseum Rome, Italy
Travel: Eiffel tower B/W
Coming to age Kimono ceremony
Family: Mom + son outdoor
Children: Birthday
Still life: Metal
Floral: Lily
Wedding: Church ceremony
Wedding: Family prepare time
Wedding: Couple pic
Floral: Pink tulips
Wedding: Bride + Dad
Wedding: Aerial
Newborn: Creative newborn butterfly
Maternity portrait B/W
Wedding: Couple portrait -1
Wedding: Couple-portrait J+S
Wedding: Couple portrait-2 J+S
Wedding: Bride portrait Mom+son
Wedding: Groom + Groomsmen
Still life: Ballet shoes
Still life: Popcorns
Still life: Shoes stars
Still life conceptual: Rain popcorns
Still life: Noodle soup

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